What is betting on the Olympics?

The Winter and Summer Olympics, held every four years, like any separate competitions, have their own patterns and require an individual approach to bets.
The Olympic Games is an international tournament in which representatives of many sports disciplines take part. At the same time, athletes’ motivation to fight goes off scale in a terrible way. Olympic Games give every athlete the opportunity to show their best qualities and receive not only minutes of glory, but also pleasant bonuses. Cash reward is almost the best motivator.
The competition features 33 sports, including exotic and unusual sports such as beach volleyball, surfing, rock climbing, and trampoline jumping. This means that bettors have a huge selection of betting options on various sports.

What are other important features?

When a bettor places a bet on Olympic sports, the following factors are taken into account to help make a more accurate prediction:
Statistics of previous competitions. Bettor studies the performance of athletes in the previous stages, analyzes who won in each of the disciplines in order to determine the favorites at individual stages and throughout the distance, in particular.
Athlete / Team Ratings. Each participant in the competition has a rating, but you should not blindly trust the numbers. It is important for cappers to study the dynamics of changes in rating indicators within a certain period of time.
Motivational component. In general, the athlete’s motivation is usually all right, since major competitions promise huge prize money for the winners, and young athletes often struggle to prove themselves and gain popularity. Rare contests imply a lack of desire to win at any cost.
As you can see, a bettor has to take into account a wide complex of factors in order to achieve success in this field.

Will Olympics betting bring profit?

Statistics show that only 25% of sports betting is winning. Participants in betting invariably strive to increase this indicator, at least on a personal level. To beat the bookmaker’s office, bettors build all sorts of strategies based on the use of various techniques.
Strategies based on statistics are very popular among experienced bettors. As a rule, this term refers to the results of a series of competitions of the team participating in the competition. Players evaluate: the number of victories in general; position in the ratings;
the average number of points (goals) scored per match; a number of other aspects.
Among the mathematical calculations, psychological, human factors, the state of health of the players, the latest news that can signal a positive or negative mood of the team for the match can be taken into account.