Why Olympics betting is so popular?

The Olympic Games are the brightest sporting events of our time. Despite the fact that there is a fierce struggle and competition among the participants, there is a spirit of friendship, equality, and solidarity. The Olympic Games are very popular among the world community and gather billions of TV viewers while raising large sums of money from various sponsors and partners. In all countries of the world, Olympic conquests are the highest achievement of an athlete. The Olympic title is given forever.

What are the bets on the Olympics?

Gold is one of the easiest sports stakes you can make. Just choose which of the athletes or teams will finish first in any particular event.
Futures and Outrests – Olympic futures can be placed months before the opening ceremony. These can be direct stakes on which country will be the best in the list of medals, or more / less on how many countries will win at least one gold medal or any other such broad proposal that does not depend on the exact matches or fights – the head results.
Proposals are very specific stakes that do not necessarily rely on the end result of the event. You can gamble on, say, whether the United States score as many points against Australia in basketball. That is, for events where the outcome of the match does not really matter.
Multi bets combine several different stakes on one ticket. You can cover any combination of Olympic disciplines and gambling types in one multi bet. Traditionally, each individual stake must win in order for the multi bet to pay off.

What should be considered when betting on different disciplines?

  • In tennis, don’t gamble on favorites from the start. Often good players miss the start because they don’t care about it. It is also worth paying attention to stakes against players who have passed their peak of form.
  • In table tennis and badminton, the traditional favorites are Asians. Focus on players from the East, and in the later stages (semi-finals and finals), horse fights prevail – 68.7% in the last three Olympics.
  • In fencing, it’s best to bet on teams. These competitions do not start immediately, so you’ll have time to evaluate the strength of each athlete.
    In athletics, it’s best to gamble on the favorites.
  • In artistic gymnastics, be sure to study which athlete feels most confident on which apparatus. This will help you when choosing your rates.
  • In cycling, it is important to consider the discipline distance. Cycling is rich in sensation, look for an unobvious winner.
  • In archery, it is better to bet live. These competitions last longer than usual, there is an opportunity to take a closer look at the real form of athletes.

We believe that this advice will help you to succeed in the Olympics gambling!