What types of Olympics bets exist?

As everyone knows, the Olympics are winter and summer. Among the winter disciplines, the most well-known are ice hockey, biathlon, and tobogganing. During the summer games, the majority of stakes are on football, athletics, basketball, tennis, boxing, swimming, volleyball, and handball.
There are two types of stakes here: on team disciplines and on individual tournaments. In the first case, you make a traditional bet on the victory of one of the teams. In the second, you have several gambling options: for instance, determine the champion of the competition, predict the number of points scored in the game, predict whether an athlete will break his personal record, etc. In addition, bets can be placed on the overall medal standings.

How to bet on the Olympics?

What are the specifics of betting on the Olympics?
The Olympic Games are completely unpredictable. At the very last moment, the victory from the favorite of the game can be snatched by some other athlete, the so-called “dark horse” – a little-known player whose potential is difficult to predict from the outset. In the final competitions, such athletes can even bypass recognized leaders.
Therefore, preparing for the Olympic stakes, you need to pay attention not only to the results of the qualifying rounds, but also to the physical condition of the players at the time of the competition.
In addition, one should be more careful about team sports: the teams selected to participate in the Olympics do not always show results similar to those they showed at the qualifying championships.

As for the bets on individual sports, they have the following features:

  1. a bet on an athlete who, as a result, for some reason could not take part in the competition, is paid with the odds of 1;
  2. if the athlete has participated in one or more preliminary tournaments, all bets on his victory are considered valid.

Medal stakes have several variations. You can gamble on who will be the leader in the number of bronze, silver or gold medals, determine the medal total of the strongest players, and predict the capabilities of a certain country in a certain sport.

Will you earn on the Olympics betting?

Often bookmakers offer to make long-term bets with good odds. However, investing a lot of money in them is not worth it, because the situation in the game can change at any time, and it is possible that after the next start the favorite will suddenly lose its position. This applies primarily to winter sports such as skiing, biathlon, etc.
Generally, you are able to easily beat the bookmakers by only applying the basic rules of gambling “science”. Good luck!